Okay so I never thought I would like EXO [I’m really late to the scene ’cause I’ve really been out of touch with entertainment in general lately as any possible followers of this blog might have noticed from my complete lack of updates….] BUT MAN I AM HOOKED.

I KEEP REPLAYING “MAMA” BECAUSE IT IS JUST EPIC AS HELL. This is the new Rising Sun, except creepier and more demonic. It’s kind of scary and very angsty, but for some reason I just really like this song.


Let’s just ignore that entire opening sequence because ._. that.. yeah. Let’s ignore that. I’m sorry, ~*~Tree of Life~*~.

KAI’S SHARPIEFACE GAVE ME A HEART ATTACK THE FIRST TIME, OH MAAAN. He STILL freaks me out ’cause the way he moves just isn’t.. human LOL. On another note, D.O’s first solo [first line of song] impresses me so much! That belting! The singing in general is just awesome though. QwQ Really powerful. Baekhyun’s beltinggg.
Their dancing is also really sharp and in sync. ^^


For some reason, I actually think I’m slightly biased towards M over K.
I think what kind of disappoints me about M though is the fact that they rely so much on just one vocalist, Chen. :c And the ironic part is that he’s not even Chinese, although his voice is <33. K seems to be relying on Baekhyun, D.O. and Suho, whereas in M, it’s only Chen holding up the fort while the others aren’t as strong vocally? However, I think the rapping in general in M is better!

I like Kris :’D his rapping <3333. ALSO he is the only one that’s not scary with sharpieface LOL. It actually looks cool on him.


EXO-K – History/MAMA (Debut Stage) @ Music Bank 120413

Objectively speaking, History was a weak performance. They were off tune everywhere, out of breath, didn’t blend, and it was just really messy in general although I know they worked hard and put a lot of effort.

MAMA, HOWEVER, WAS AMAZING. This definitely showcased how good they can be live.

D.O, BAEKHYUN, AND SUHO *_____________* were really incredible, vocally. I was extremely impressed by Baekhyun who was pretty much nearly flawless and very fierce. I was also really impressed by D.O, although that one run that he did just.. did not work ;n; but I still have to give him a LOT of credit because he has some of the hardest parts of the song.

KAI’S SCREAMO PART WAS AWESOME. YES. I worry a lot for his vocal chords, but like.. surprisingly he actually sounded really good and pulled it off!
Chanyeol rapping *u* He’s pretty good and I hope he gets more/bigger chances to rap in the future!

.. :c I want to see what Sehun can do. I can’t really judge from the ONE rap solo he has.


April 14, 2012. EXO, EXO-K, EXO-M, Performance.

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