110210 Music Bank

Ailee – Heaven

THIS GIRL. She is too talented. ;____; She was made to sing and to perform. Her voice is so strong yet sweet and emotional, and it is just GORGEOUS. Her endurance is amazing as well. Her vocals are stellar, but somehow the stage felt lacking. ;_; Probably because of the set-up. It would’ve been nice to have some fog or something to make everything look not as..cheap.

SPICA – Russian Roulette

.. *____* My god, these girls are talented too!! Not a single one of them was weak, and I’m REALLY impressed by that. This is fierce and powerful until the end. Flawless performance~ *A*

B.A.P – Warrior

Do I even need to say anything? LOL. It’s B.A.P. They’re awesome as hell.

Block B – Nanlina

Same thing for B.A.P applies for Block B too. *____* But something about this song feels kinda lacking.. I think it’s an AWESOME song to listen to, but it’s not fun to cover [aha I tried] and it’s not that great for live performances either. ;w; I really wish that the vocalists got more spotlight…


February 10, 2012. Ailee, B.A.P, Block B, Performance, Spica.

One Comment

  1. noeanna replied:

    i love Ailee’s voice.
    she is so talented
    btw Block B is full of energy XD

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