SNSD and the Dangerous Boys – Ep 5

Awwww this was a really heartwarming episode. ;_; While some parts made me sad, in general, this made me really happy. ♥

First, they have a session with a therapist who asks them to express the things they like to hear and the things they don’t want to hear anymore. Then they have this kind of.. well I don’t know what to call it. ;_; Basically, the boys are “buried” and then when unburied, it’s as if they’re being revived–coming back to life from the grave, to start a new life as a new person. I found it a little scary but it was very meaningful. ;_;

They have an outing because they’ve been trying to follow the rules! :D The noraebang part was so much fun haha. The part where they’re doing Heartbeat and Hyoyeon does Chansung’s beginning pushing-head-out-of-way thing LOLL. Then they go to the aquarium, but some of the boys have to leave for dance practice instead since they didn’t fully follow the rules and that’s their punishment. ;_; All of the boys got New Year’s presents from the girls though and they seemed really touched [:



January 21, 2012. Reality Show, SNSD.

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