Dream High


I finally finished watching Dream High after.. much too long. I was actually watching the series as it was airing, and keeping up with all the news, and suddenly I got kind of busy and fell behind, and when I finished episode 14 [there’s 16 in total], I stopped watching entirely because I don’t like finishing dramas. ;_; I don’t want it to end.

But since Dream High 2 is airing soon, I figured I should at least finish the first series D: in case there are any spoilers.



I cried. >_> During Hyemi’s concert.. when she made that speech and when she dedicated her first song to Samdong. ;_________; I was so surprised and touched when I found out what the song was. That was definitely the perfect choice. And she sounded so beautiful. And then the kiss sceneee ;___; I’m really glad there was one. If there was no kiss, I would’ve been really unsatisfied with this ending, because the ending is already not very solid/entirely concluded.

All in all, I really loved this drama. The cast is perfect and I love the concepts and lessons. It really shows the importance of striving towards your dreams and following your heart.

P.S. the part with Hyesung was cute HAHA. I thought the directors were pretty creative with the ending.

January 21, 2012. 2PM, Dramas, IU, Kim Soohyun, Miss A, T-ara.

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