Invincible Youth 2 – Ep 8

This entire episode is basically a tribute to the girls’ mothers. ^^ Four of them come to visit their place, they play games, talk, and open up about their mother-daughter relationships. It’s kind of.. not a very eventful episode so some might find it boring, but I thought it was very meaningful and touching. It’s nice to not only just see G8 having fun, but also seeing their hearts, their emotions—what’s inside. A lot of them cried ;_;

Ngl I cried too. >w> Especially at Woori’s message to her mother, when she started choking up..

I LOOOOOOVE how even now, Suzy’s mom still likes Kim Soo Hyun LOLLLL. Although she never said Taecyeon’s name.. >w> but the production crew included him too, so that was cute. SUZY, DATE KIM SOO HYUN. ;_; YOUR MOM APPROVES LOL.
Yewon and her mom are exactly alike. 100%. 10000000%. Actually it was kinda irritating ’cause they tried to steal the show every time ;w; A lot of people are annoyed by Yewon and I can’t say I’m annoyed by her, but I do agree she tries too hard and she’s kinda noisy in a way? xD I don’t really mind, but having TWO Yewons on the same set is where the line is crossed for me..

Credit: HeArTsDiESuBs


January 18, 2012. f(x), Jewelry, Kara, Miss A, Rainbow, Reality Show, SISTAR, SNSD, Variety/Talk Shows.

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