SNSD’s Christmas Fairy Tale

Ngl, I’m a sucker for fairy tales/princesses and I love SNSD so I AM SO HAPPY RIGHT NOW.
[Edit;; I just finished watching and posting everything. Omg. This is the ultimate show.]

All I Want For Christmas

……… *______________________* Okay, now who says SNSD can’t sing? I’m really impressed with these girls. ♥

Tiffany – Christmas Dream

AWWWW. It’s Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream” with its lyrics changed! I love Tiffany so much. She’s really talented and sooo underrated!

Seohyun & Yuri – Winter Wonderland

Aww they played piano and sang ;w; and then rock version! Ahh they’re so good. And they seem like sisters. ^^ The ending was amazing.

Kissing You

Awwwww ;w; it’s a more mellow version of the song. This is so pretty and adorable ;w;! And they’re all so gorgeous.. FINALLY, Hyoyeon’s hair is done right.

Yoona (ft. Alex & Oh Sang-Jin) – Introduce Me A Good Man

…… OOOOOO: I AM SO PROUD OF THIS GIRL. She has improved at singing so much! YOONA I’M SHO PROUD. ;_; I’ve always liked her singing anyway. Innisfree Day <3

Taeyeon – O Holy Night

Beautiful. I’m blown away. ♥

Jessica – When You Wish Upon a Star

;________; Like a piece of art.. So gorgeous. D: And Jessica is really princess-like. Her singing here is really pretty. <3

Seohyun, Taeyeon, Jessica, Tiffany – Magic Castle

*________* UWAAAAAAAAH. They are really like princesses O A O !!! The set is gorgeous, their dresses are gorgeous, their hair is gorgeous, they are gorgeous, their voices are BEYONDDDDD gorgeous. My gosh! And did you see Seohyun when the song first started?!

Enter the Circus + Sexy

Wow. SNSD’s Christmas Fairy Tale just has it all..

Santa Baby

I LOVE that they kept the same parts from last year! They really improved. ♥

January 8, 2012. Performance, SNSD.

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