111230 KBS Gayo Daejun 201

SNSD – The Boys

OMGG they were so gorgeous in the beginning with those dresses. ;w;! So stunning!! And I was really surprised when they took off the skirts to reveal shorts haha. I love their tops! ;w; They work both with shorts and with big dresses. >w< ♥
It’s a shame that Yuri’s mic didn’t work ]: but it was still a great performance by these girls. Taeyeon’s belting!

f(x), 4minute, Infinite, IU, Super Junior – Dance Shuffle (DJ Koo Remix)

Awww they’re all so good but LMAO IU. IU. That girl is so precious!! She’s awkwardly adorable. xD She looks like she’s having a lot of fun.

Super Junior – Mr. Simple

I’m disappointed! ;w; It says they did Opera but it was just a short dance segment.. I wanted them to actually sing the song. ]:
But SuJu <3

T-ara – Betrayal of the Rose

I’M SOOO proud of Jiyeon and Eunjung! Poor Soyeon though, ’cause her mic didn’t work. D;
Also why would they show that guy @ 1:41 LMAO he looks unamused!


January 8, 2012. 4Minute, f(x), Infinite, IU, Performance, SNSD, Super Junior, T-ara.

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