SNSD and the Dangerous Boys – Ep 1

Credit: taenacity

I love these girls so much. I think they’re perfect for this kind of thing because they’re very warmhearted, caring, kind, playful yet serious, and mature yet youthful. They’re soo pretty inside and out. ;_____;

I was really meh about this show at first because .. idk, like, would you really exploit your bad life and your bad ways on tv and to everybody? Would you really let yourself look like a bad guy? It just seems like this kind of thing seems fake x_X And why would you even agree to do something like this..

But in any case, now I really like this show and I’m REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY looking forward to the next episode.

To be honest, I think these girls are doing something really great here. And I hope that these boys become best friends for life, because they have a really special bond that nobody else can understand. I hope that they struggle together to improve their lives and find their paths, and develop together while giving each other strength, under the wings of SNSD. ;_; -infinitely shot for being corny-

AND YONGHYUN IS FUCKING CUTE. I feel really terrible for saying that although I think we’re probably the same age. But idkkk ;_; his smileeee is so pure and innocent and genuine and he’s just really cute, especially with the way he acts towards Hyoyeon. -dies forever-


December 21, 2011. Reality Show, SNSD.

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