Invincible Youth Season 2 – Ep 1

Credit: HeArTsDiESuBs

Go to the video page to find the rest of the parts! [There’s 10 so I’m too lazy to embed them all (_ _);;]

Ah.. ;w; This season doesn’t look as promising as the last season, simply because of the girls here.. and the setting.. and the MCs… But I’m definitely going to be watching anyway!

So the G8 girls are
Miss A – Suzy [LOVE THIS GIRL.]
f(x) – Amber [So excited to see her on a variety show <3 This will be fun!]
Kara – Jiyoung [She was the whiniest member but so far she’s one of the more interesting/adapted to variety members]
SISTAR – Bora [I’m liking her so far and she seems to have a motherly quality.]
Jewelry – Yewon [Some complained she was a tryhard but I’m glad for her that she’s trying to make a name for herself and her group ^^]
Rainbow – Woori [She seems interesting O: ! Slightly tryhard though but she’s showing a lot of potential~]
SNSD – Hyoyeon [So happy for her ;w;]
SNSD – Sunny [ASLDKFJWIWJEFLK SUNNY I’M SO GLAD TO SEE YOU AGAIN <3 She’s definitely what this show needed. Not only is she experienced, but she is naturally adorable and absolutely HILARIOUS. She’s also very caring towards her elders, has a motherly quality, and has a beautiful heart. To be honest, I’m a bit worried because 1st season’s girls were all very sincere, caring, and had wonderful hearts, and so far I’m not seeing the same quality as much with the new girls?]

Um… the MCs aren’t very interesting or funny to me so far. ;w;
BUT BOOM IS THERE! Glad to see him! ^^ I have a feeling he’s the new Kim Taewoo since Taewoo was casted because of his gigantic crush on Yuri… and Boom has always been obviously biased towards Sunny. And I wonder if Hyunwoo will end up in a love line with anyone hahaha.

I’m excited that this show is back though [: I’m looking forward to the show’s improvement and for when the girls are less awkward with each other. xD


November 15, 2011. f(x), Jewelry, Kara, Miss A, Rainbow, SISTAR, SNSD, Variety/Talk Shows.

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