Wonder Girls – Be My Baby

Be My Baby MV


Welcome back Wonder Girls!! :D Good to see you back on the scene and not in your Nobody/cheap retro 2DT concept. This is what this group needed to redeem themselves, tbh.

Probably not something I’d have on repeat, but a very good song. :] JYP did a good job. Daaaamn they sound fabulous! Heechulmustbesohappyhahahaha. ;3

I’m surprised that the solos are so long though. O_O That’s quite unusual for an idol group song. Sohee sounds better than ever before! I hope she improved at singing for this ;w; or else.. idk if she deserves that many lines.. But for now, I’ll believe in her~ Pleasantly surprised by Hyelim too although she was always a solid but somewhat plain singer. And of course Sunye and Ye Eun diva’ed that chorus and Yoobin ripped that rap apart.

The MV isn’t anything special but it’s still really nice. [: Classy. I love the filter!

Girls Girls

My favorite song of the album. Easygoing song with meaningful and uplifting lyrics~

Act Cool [Hyelim solo ft. San-E]

In all honesty, Hyelim isn’t all that great of a rapper and there are tons of girlgroup rappers better than her.. And she really reminds me of myself x_X in that she has a kiddy voice but still tries to rap, and it doesn’t work well.

BUT DAYUM. I AM SO HAPPY FOR THIS GIRL. I’m not even a fan of her but I’m so glad for her that she got this song to finally make a name for herself and tell off her haters and show what she’s got! She’s a lot more bad-ass than expected 8D

The lyrics are definitely the best part LOL.

“You foxes acting like kings in the jungle. Watch out! The tiger is back for real.”

And “Stop shushing me!” and then going into a singing bridge hahahahaha. Props for this song and Hyelim.


November 7, 2011. San-E, Wonder Girls.

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