Running Man – Ep 55 (High School Girls/Secret Garden Special)

Credit: iSubs

f(x) – Sulli, Luna
T-ara – Jiyeon
Miss A – Suzy

AKLFJLSJDJAWEIOWEFJ GIRL GROUPS HIGH SCHOOL GIRLS SPECIAL!!! O A O I’ve been looking forward to watching this ever since it was revealed that there would be one!

Tbh Jiyeon and Sulli are my girl crushes LOL. And I’ve always been a big fan of Suzy and Luna too. *_______* I was probably almost as excited as the Running Man guys were lolol. They’re all so cute/pretty/innocent/perfect/flawless/banjjak banjjak, omg the jealousy. They all glow! .. Oh and Jihyo is there too. =w= <3

But yeah, they pair up and do these missions where they have to piggyback the girl and must keep running back and forth if they fail xD and then dancing with a pedometer to try to match the price of the lunch they bought. And then the real shit starts!

Hide and seek >8D They have to hide and try not to let their bracelet link be broken by the seeker(s). The seeker(s) is/are .. kind of frightening in a maniac sort of way hahahaha. But so airheaded.

And you’ll see at the end of the episode why it’s also called Secret Garden Special. owob


November 7, 2011. f(x), Kim Jongkook, Miss A, T-ara, Variety/Talk Shows.

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