Full Moon wo Sagashite


I just finished reading the Full Moon wo Sagashite manga. I watched the anime forever ago and loved it and for some reason I had the random thought the other day, “I wonder if Mitsuki’s singing and speaking are voiced by the same person,” so I wiki’ed it and found out that yes, they were *__* so amazing. But then I also read the plot of the manga [from which the anime strays] and concluded that I really needed to read it, especially since I feel that I can relate to Mitsuki in that I love singing although my throat holds me back immensely.

But yeah, I read the entire thing while listening to songs from the anime on repeat LOL. Eternal Snow and Love Chronicle ;__; <3 will always be some of my favorite anime songs. I think myco’s voice is a bit too forced in New Future though; the mature tone sounds unnatural.

But although I’m a bigger fan of anime than manga because I love color, movement, and sound.. and since it’s a story about singing, it’s definitely enhanced by the songs.. I think the manga is way better than the anime. They changed a lot in the anime, both plot and art-wise. O_O

Tanemura Arina’s art omggg <333333333 She just became one of my favorite mangakas. I think the best aspect of her art is the way she draws hair. It’s so detailed and intricate and just beautiful! But of course, going so detailed in animation isn’t all that efficient so they had to simplify everything for the anime ]: so they that’s a charm that’s missing. But wow. Just. everything in the manga looks so beautiful.

For some reason, even though it’s not as fancy or complicated as many of the other hairstyles, I LOOOVE MITSUKI’S HAIR HERE. She is so pretty ;____; ♥

It was a really good manga. Really, really, really good. It was adorable and parts really broke my heart. ;w; I’m surprised that I didn’t cry though. Even though the characters are constantly crying! .. there was a lot of crying and kissing. But that’s okay! It’s a manga full of love and emotion!

But yeah, there are a lot of parts where you’re just like TT________________TT and your heart cracks.. like when we find out that Mitsuki knew of the death all along but lived in denial and pretended to not know.. and idk asdljfweilj ;__; but there are no big parts where you’ve driven over the edge to tears haha. It’s a very happy ending though <3
Although some things confuse me still. x_X So did nobody wonder what happened to Takuto for 3 years..?

Read this! ^^ It’s not that long of a manga. 30 chapters. I read it in 2 days~


November 5, 2011. Anime/Manga.

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