Mobekimasu – Busu ni Naranai Tesugaku @ Coming Soon!

Wow H!P. Props to you for singing live even though there’s like 4219853 people. DO YOU SEE THAT AKB48?! PLZ FOLLOW EXAMPLE ONEGAI THANK YOU.

Umm.. yeah their voices don’t do much for me. ]: Reina was good though. Thank you for having vibrato. Risako’s solo, though, ummmmmmm…….

Haha but still, it’s nice seeing all these groups together on one stage. ^^ Even if you only get to see, like.. 5 of them…. Yay for Manoeri getting close-up shots!

And why did they film this twice, once with everyone and once with the main people that sing? O_o OR ACTUALLY! O____O They filmed it 4 times. How did I not notice the outfit change?


October 31, 2011. Berryz Koubou, C-ute, Hello! Project, Morning Musume, S/mileage.

One Comment

  1. MizuRiho1223 replied:

    They don’t actually “filmed” it twice, the one with all of them is filmed, the other is live broadcast. They do it because the younger members are not allowed to work that late. (It is 11:30pm in Japan when the show is aired)

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