111030 Inkigayo

The Boss (Dae Guk Nam Ah) – Lady

[just for anyone that happens to not know: Hyunmin, Jay, Karam, Injun, Mika]

So I used to love this group during Admiring Boy and Biteul Biteul (Stumble Stumble) days but then they disappeared off to Japan and I kind of stopped following them/lost interest. ;w; But I did hear about Lady, although I didn’t know it was a KOREAN comeback so I was kinda surprised when I saw they performed on Inkigayo lol. =w=

A K-pop idol group [that’s not N-Train although I think some don’t consider them idols..] doing a legit ballad! Respect respect <3 Yessss, I freaking love that this group has such amazing vocals and although yeah, they showed off their vocals really well too while dancing, but this is more BAM. IN YOUR FACE. HI, WE’RE THE BOSS AND WE CAN SING.

Really disappointed though that Jay only got, like.. one solo line. =_= The first line of the song. And he sounds fantastic. He has an awesome vibrato <3 But that’s it. =_= The entire time, I was wondering if they were gonna have some rap section near the end just for Jay, but nope… nothing.
I am really proud of Karam because he’s known for being a cute prettyboy and for being the “face” of the group, but he can sing well too and upheld his place as a vocalist. ^^  Injun totally rocked his parts :D I was surprised he had so many lines, but he deserves them. His hair though…no. Hyunmin with his manly husky voice LOL and yet he holds his mic so delicately. And Mika is a powerhouse of course.

SNSD – The Boys

Hm. Something about the audio mix was kinda iffy to me. o_o Maybe parts of the verses could’ve used a subtle backtrack? Like, Sunny’s singing part for example felt a bit awkward and empty, and her voice was drowned out by the music. Maybe the music needed to be softer? D: But then at Yoona’s singing line, it was awkward at the beginning because her voice stood out TOO much from the music. Ahhhhhh contradictions lol.

I don’t think this is their strongest performance vocal-wise but still pretty strong. ^^ Also I think maybe the audio system made them all sound somewhat stuffy? D: Although Jessica.. =w= I don’t think that’s the fault of the audio system haha. I wonder if she’s not feeling well ;w; Her tone lately has been kinda meh. But she always pulls off that run well and still has a nice vibrato. Vocal-wise, I think this performance was Seohyun’s. :3

I LOOOOOOVE The Boys’ outfits and sets. Seriously, all of these stages have looked epic. Their outfits <333333 So fierce yet feminine at the same time. ♥ I love that it’s like SNSD are known as princesses, but this shows that they could be as strong as princes too? Haha idk. But they look so classy and fierce, yet innocent too.

Secret – Love is MOVE

I love that they really look like they’re having fun on stage. *__* Really strong vocally too. But although I think this concept and dance belong to Hyosung [but then.. she’s been perfect for EVERY concept ._. so versatile], I don’t think this song works for her voice. ;w;

Davichi – Love Oh Love

Incredible ♥


October 30, 2011. Dae Guk Nam Ah, Davichi, Performance, Secret, SNSD.

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