111027 M Countdown – SNSD Comeback

Okay that beginning segment…. Wow. And the set… Wow. Mnet, you really went all out for them ^^ good job!!

I’m a little disappointed in Jessica ;w; She got so many parts in this song and idk.. I’m not sure if maybe she wasn’t feeling well or something? ]: but she sounds really stuffy and off, except for the run which she did really well.

I was REALLY impressed by Seohyun, Yoona, and Taeyeon though! SEOHYUN IS SO FLAWLESS OMG O A O She sounds so consistently strong with that mature voice of hers.. Powerhouse maknae… And Taeyeon’s belting <3 And Yoona, THANK YOU for rocking your singing line every time! So proud of you!


They all look so good here ;_____; Their stylists did a great job. Except for maybe Tiffany’s outfit, no complaints. They’re looking fantastic~ I love Taeyeon’s hair.

October 28, 2011. Performance, SNSD.

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