Running Man – Eps 50 & 51 – Thailand Special

Ep 50

Guests: 2PM’s Nichkhun; Kim Min Jung

Racing in Bangkok in 3 teams of 3–one stop being at Nichkhun’s house where they play a game with his family.


Ep 51

Guests: 2PM’s Nichkhun; Kim Min Jung

Now it’s the next day, and the money that they won from the first day is gone… Among the members is the thief whose identity is not revealed until the end. The members must find the thief and tear off his nametag, leading to suspicion and distrust all around as anybody could be the criminal pretending to be innocent. Wow. This was actually pretty suspenseful because almost everyone seems like they might be it and you never know…

October 23, 2011. 2PM, Kim Jongkook, Variety/Talk Shows.

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