111021 Music Bank – SNSD Comeback

Mr. Taxi

Tbh I wasn’t that impressed with performance. ;_; I don’t quite know why. I love Mr. Taxi but its performances never appealed to me. Maybe it’s just not that appealing sung live, maybe it’s the choreography, maybe the stage presence when doing this song, the lack of backtrack, I don’t know! It also felt really anticlimatic to me too ;_; Taeyeon had amazing control in her voice at the high note and I understand wanting to preserve her throat and save her voice for The Boys, but I kind of wish she belted it. :/

The Boys

Now this was impressive. Dayum. DAYUM.

YOONA GURL I AM SO PROUD OF YOU. She sounded so strong! And Sunny is so fierce!
Taeyeon’s adlibs at the end <33333

I love their outfits too. *w* The dancing was so powerful.. and just.. wow.


October 23, 2011. Performance, SNSD.

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