Mobekimasu – “Busu ni Naranai Tetsugaku” PV

H!P, you need to step it up because you’re slowly losing all your fans.

But in any case, YAAY THE RETURN OF H!P ALL STARS..! .. kind of… But whatever, shuffles are good and H!P desperately needed a change of pace. =_= Some people are like, “wow they’re just trying to copy AKB48,” but I like this idea D: They should have more collabs between groups.

The song doesn’t really stick with me x_X but I’m not surprised. SOMEBODY PLEASE GIVE H!P BETTER SONGS. This is like another generic H!P song. ;_; Sighing.

Seriously though, the line distribution and screentime…. =____= Don’t get me wrong because I like them and Miyabi’s my favorite BK member, Riho and Risa are my Momusu favorites, I find Yuuka absolutely adorable, and I like the rest of the frontrunners too, but………
What happened to anybody in Momusu that’s not Riho, Reina, or Risa? What happened to anybody in Berryz that’s not Risako or Miyabi? What happened to anybody in C-ute that’s not Airi or Maimi? What happened to Kanon and Wada of S/mileage? [sorry I still don’t approve of the submembers yet]

AND MANO ERINA. That poor girl’s already a solo act and I was like YAY MANO IS INCLUDED IN SOMETHING but I only recall seeing her… once.. in the PV. And you’d think that as a solo act, she’d get.. solos.. But nope. Just another backdancer now.

Oh but they all look really cute and pretty ;_; Sometimes I find those dresses adorable, but other times, ridiculous. The MV looks like fun to film too~


October 13, 2011. Berryz Koubou, C-ute, Hello! Project, Morning Musume, S/mileage.

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