Peter Pan

The live action one, not the Disney animation. xD

I LOVE THIS MOVIE. ;_; I felt like rewatching it because I’m terribly a sucker for fantasy and fairies and mermaids and not having to grow up. Kind of sad though that it was only after I started watching that I realized that there would also be pirates, violence, and darkness–not just fairydust and flying. =w=

But anyway, this is a great movie. <3

A bit saddening though. Because as much as I would love to be like Peter Pan and as much as I despise growing up, I pity Peter who tries to avoid feelings and responsibility. He’s living his life to be forever young and to only have fun, but I think his life is sad too.

But wow I loved all the actors. Jeremy Sumpter (Peter) is adorable and Rachel Hurd-Wood (Wendy) is UNBELIEVABLY GORGEOUS. They were so cute together ;______; I wanted Peter and Wendy to be together! -tantrum-

But yeah, all of the acting was great and I really have to commend them all for all of the flying and fighting scenes. That’s definitely not an easy feat. The computer generated effects were great too, but the only complaint I have about that was that parrot… xD Um, no. No.

On another note.

THEY SHOULD’VE WENT OUTTTTTTT. They have so much chemistry!


October 5, 2011. Movies.

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