Super Junior – “A-CHA” MV


Aw I was really disappointed they’re not following the trend of Neorago and No Other ]: I was hoping for a laidback follow-up song or ballad or something, and this is another Mr. Simple/Sorry Sorry/Bonamana.

But this is so FIERCE. So powerful! :D They’re really bringing out their manliness in this album with Mr. Simple, Superman, and now A-Cha. Woww.

I was kinda hoping they’d have another video like Neorago though. :P Or at least a MV where it’s not just dance shots + close-ups. Something with a bit more meaning.. But all the SuJu and SJM stuff have been like this lately, and I guess it’s alright because they pull it off really well.

I can’t wait to hear KRY’s high notes live! Or, well.. ]: they’ve already performed this song live but I haven’t had the time to watch any performances.

And Sungmin isn’t even my bias but MAN he needs more screentime! I barely even saw him in this.


September 26, 2011. Super Junior.

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