Running Man – Eps 46 and 47 (Kim Hyunjoong)

Guest: Kim Hyunjoong (SS501)

THIS. HAS GOT TO BE ONE OF THE MOST HILARIOUS EPISODES OF RUNNING MAN EVER. I was laughing so much, you can’t even imagine.

Basically, Hyunjoong chooses one of the RM members to be his spy, and instead of a mission, Hyunjoong has to physically remove the nametags off of all the members’ backs. So Hyunjoong is like, “Alright, I’ma hide here and you bring someone down,” and then the spy and Hyunjoong LITERALLY AMBUSH every single member! And it’s hilarious because the ambushed person is just so CONFUSED and they’re like OMG YOU’RE A SPY WAIT WHAT IS GOING ON and then they get taken away by a security team so that they can’t spread the information.

And it’s hilarious. You should watch this.


In this episode, they race to report for work in the morning and then have a quiz that determines each member’s survival time. Then each team drives around and has to obtain authors’ signatures after completing a mission, but whenever a member’s survival time runs out, wherever they are, they have to get out of the car and find their way back to the bookstore on public transportation… xDDD

Gary’s English skills. SIGH, GARY, SIGH.

September 26, 2011. Kim Jongkook, SS501, Variety/Talk Shows.

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