100203 AKBINGO #69 – Dodgeball

So they play dodgeball and as soon as somebody gets hit, they go through a randomly chosen punishment and it’s pretty amusing. :P My favorite part though DEFINITELY has to be Kashiwagi Yuki and the balloon. She was freaking out and screaming and everyone else was freaking out and screaming as well lollllll.

Maeda Atsuko has always been my favorite member and I honestly did not know anyone other than her although I knew Itano Tomomi’s name….. xD;;  But now, Kashiwagi Yuki is very quickly becoming my #2~ <3 I first saw her in the remake of Hana Kimi which stars Maeda Atsuko, and I was a bit indifferent to her. Then I watched Frying Ghetto [Flying Get =w=] performances and she kept catching my eye and I was like O A O IT’S THE GIRL FROM HANA KIMI!
And she just keeps growing on me ;_____; I hated it at first but now I like how she always has this calm, mature, majestic, always-watching-over-you image… xD;; It’s quite fascinating because that’s exactly like how her character in Hana Kimi acts.
And then you have this and suddenly her calm image has collapsed. owob


September 8, 2011. AKB48, Variety/Talk Shows.

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