110827 Immortal Song 2 – Kyuhyun & Jungmo (Trax) – “Pretend Party”

Performance starts at 2:53

Oh. my. god. My mind is blown. I am gone. I have been blown away. This is.. Omg.

Holy shit, Rocker!Kyu is pretty awesome. He’s become so versatile! :D Originally ballad!Kyu and then he became DanceKyu and now he’s rocking the rocker concept as well..

The yelps were cute though. Lol. Adorable.

But the rest of the performance is EPIC. This is the most powerful I’ve EVER heard and seen Kyuhyun. He has so much strength. O_O I can’t believe this is a guy that almost died in that major car accident ;________; he’s so amazing <3

This is flawless. And that last note is BREATHTAKING. I CAN’T BELIEVE HE CAN DO THAT.

Very, very, very, very, very deserved first place win. <33333

On another note, LOL IT’S KYUHYUN AND JUNGMO. The two guys that Yonghwa is jealous of because of their interactions with Seohyun :D!!


August 29, 2011. Performance, Super Junior, Trax.

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