110813 Music Core

Super Junior – Mr. Simple

Another strong performance. ^^ Only complaint is that they’re using headmics instead of handmics, but the audio quality is better than it usually is with headmics. :D I have to say that I LOOOOOVE their outfits here! Good going, stylists!! It’s like simple but classy. It’s perfect for this song.

4minute’s Hyuna ft. Block B’s Zico – Just Follow

Uh. Wow. Honestly speaking, I think Zico’s too good for this. ;_; He’s an INSANELY talented rapper as well as composer, producer, mixer, lyric-writer.. But I feel like a song like this should’ve gone to Yoobin or Zinger or another female rapper that is more suited for rapping and has actual interest in hip-hop. Hyuna’s a really great performer and she has a lot of charisma + a great stare and works really hard, but I think she lacks a lot talent-wise. I feel like she’s really only a rapper because singing isn’t her specialty, so this song really isn’t for her. And her parts aren’t hard/don’t require much anyway. ;_; She’s also trying a bit too hard to force her voice a lot lower to fit the song. I think songs like Change fit her better tbh.

Zico though.. KILLED that rap in the middle, holy crap. <3 So much swag and a quick tongue to match. Also, he wrote his rap lyrics! So much respect.


August 14, 2011. 4Minute, Block B, Performance, Super Junior.

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