【Gemini】 Scissorhands Romantica

Fourth round entry in DUBattle Royale! :D
I KNOW WHAT YOU’RE THINKING. 8 MINUTES LONG, HOLY CRAP. I know. ]: just give us a chance! It’s just that we kept wanting to expand and shoot for more, from vocalizations, adlibs, and a rap to a really cheesy storyline.

Please support us [and other groups of course] by voting! ^^
Voting closes August 15th!
[Just a reminder that everybody has to vote for 3 different groups ^^ Thanksss!]

Good god, this round was a ride. One week after receiving the theme, two of our members left for Thailand and Europe respectively.. so not only were we out of contact with them for a few weeks, but we had a mere few days to plan everything so that they could record before leaving. ]:
We had an entire full-blown medley planned that was tossed out at the last minute, arguments and disagreements, loss of sleep, and low morale. It was only really during the last extension week that we started to come together as a team. ^^
But despite the bumpy journey, we’re here with an entry!!

Regarding our weakness exploitation challenge… we were really confused LOL. It was something about girls and guys singing in the same octave/not changing the pitch on our song choice. It made it REALLY, INSANELY hard for us to choose a song. All of our guys are basses, so unless they sang as high as they could and the girls sang in our manly voices [’cause you know we got ’em =w=], we couldn’t be in the same octave and we thought that that would be more of a handicap.
So we kind of interpreted our challenge as a range thing, which we also were critiqued on last round. ^^ We–ESPECIALLY ESPECIALLY ESPECIALLY the guys–tried to push our upper limits.

Any straining you hear is the sound of us putting in all of our effort to reach something we weren’t comfortable with, for the sake of the challenge. We really did our best. ^^

Chiisana – http://www.youtube.com/ChiisanaChanx3
Jay – http://www.youtube.com/jExtremist
Mimi – http://www.youtube.com/x3LoveyDovey
Ryan – http://www.youtube.com/RyanEatPho
Eva – http://www.youtube.com/waterpixieva
Jeffrey – http://www.youtube.com/unaffection

_Scissorhands – Mimi, Eva
_Kuchibiru – Chiisana, Eva
_Kimi no Taion – Jay, Ryan
_Gee – Mimi
EQ: Chiisana
Graphics: Mimi, Chiisana
_Scissorhands – Eva
_Kuchibiru + Intro – Chiisana
“Gemini~” Signature: Chiisana
Flute: Ryan
Translations: takeit_home @ livejournal, twirlysubs, Lithiumflower, kpopsubs, M★rvy

Hatsune Miku – Scissorhands
AAA – Kuchibiru Kara Romantica
Hatsune Miku – Kimi no Taion
SNSD – Gee
Rap lyrics:
Outsider – Acquaintance

Chibis of Gemini [http://www.box.net/shared/pmav8bci8vkotubt0rxi] courtesy of Chii who I’d also like to give a shoutout to for stepping it up to the plate this round and saving us all. ♥ Sleepover all-nighter mixing party was fun. =w= [let’snothavetodoitagainLOL]


August 14, 2011. AAA, Contests, Covers, Gemini, Nico Nico, SNSD.

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