Mr. Simple – Ryeowook’s “Thanks To”

Translated by: minbunny

I want to say thank you to Super Junior whom I have trusted and walked with all along. Our best leader Leeteuk hyung, watching him taking care of us dongsaengs is touching every time. Thank you, atmosphere creator Heenim who loves SJ more than us all, I always feel the love from hyung, so thank you Heechul hyung. Hankyung hyung, whom I want to meet more than anyone else, no matter where you are, I wish you health and success wherever you go. Yesung hyung who has taken care of me very well since pre-debut, I really want to say thank you. Mighty Kangin hyung protecting our country, because we trust hyung  we will wait for you, we love you. Shindong hyung who has a heart as big as his body kya kya I hope hyung’s business and everything goes well.  When I am occasionally tired, Sungmin hyung is always beside me to listen, I am really thankful, your musical must be daebak! Fighting! To have Hyukjae hyung’s best body is my dream, kya… as for the face… kya kya. You have to eat well, I love you Eunhyuk hyung! Kind Donghae hyung whom I treat like a dear friend and whom I learn a lot from. Never change  your heart, we have to stay together, throughout our life Donghae hyung. Super Junior’s visual, Siwon hyung. You are really handsome, kya. There are many times where I feel sorry because of hyung. And also many instances where I feel thankful, I will do better, hyung.  Forever maknae Kibum-ah. I hope  your dream comes true,  we will continue to cheer for you, fighting ^^ Our kyukyu maknae Kyu-ah. Your voice is a national treasure… your face is also so handsome what should I do  kya  kya. Even when we are making jokes you are always sincere in the heart, thank you. Super Junior-M Henry, hyung couldn’t take care of you so much, our Henry must be tired. Thank you for understanding hyungs, if we don’t have Henry we won’t be able to live. I love you. Zhoumi hyung, thank you for being in Super Junior-M, you helped us a lot. If we didn’t have hyung we would be very tired. Let’s do better. I love all our members ^^ Last but not least E.L.F who  have protected us, thank you, I love you guys.


This fan cried. =w=b


August 3, 2011. Super Junior.

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