110715 OBS Super Concert – Block B “[slip &] Tell Them”

OH MY GOD LMAOOOOOOOOO I LOVE BLOCK B SO MUCH. I don’t pay much attention to concert perfs because they’re more for the live audience than for overall quality of performance, so you’re not really seeing the performers’ best singing + dancing.
But this might be one of my favorite Block B performances. THIS IS SO PRECIOUS.

Judging from the covers on the speakers, it must have rained and the stage must’ve been extremely slippery since EVERY SINGLE MEMBER SLIPPED. I feel really bad for them but this is soooooooooo hilarious and adorable, and I’m glad that they had really good sportsmanship about it. xD They kept laughing [often at each other slipping..] and looking like they were having fun and doing their best even though they couldn’t hold their ground. They’re so cute. ;w;

0:02 – U-Kwon
0:04 – Jaehyo
0:16 – Kyung LMAO
0:43 – B-Bomb
1:00 – Jaehyo
1:06 – U-Kwon [him laughing and his smile while back-up dancing for Zico is the cutest thing ;______; he really looks like he’s enjoying the moment]
1:22 – Zico
1:23 – P.O. [LOLLL Kyung cracked up laughing in the middle of his line because of P.O. <33]
2:03 – B-Bomb
2:08 – Taeil
2:11 – Jaehyo
2:47 – Jaehyo
2:48 – B-Bomb

This is hilarious….. xD ♥♥♥♥
But on a serious note, I’m really glad that none of them really fell or were hurt. ^^ The staff should’ve had a better cover for the stage or cleaned the stage better before they started performing.


July 25, 2011. Block B, Performance.

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