Hana Kimi Remake – Ep 1 & 2



L-lol. So this was interesting.

I only ever watched the first episode of the original, but I know it was a great drama, so I really do not see the need to remake it… >_O Kind of random too. Why not go and make a new drama? And I guess I kind of’ish understand Japan’s remake of Korea’s “You’re Beautiful” but Japan already had a version of Hana Kimi that was popular and epic, and they can’t really beat it. ;_;

But that aside, the main girl [who pretends to be a guy at an all guys’ school] is played by AKB48’s Maeda Atsuko. :D I like her. She’s my favorite member although you can argue that she’s overrated because honestly she’s like the only member anybody knows. I kind of feel like this drama is relying solely on her popularity though, so in the end this entire thing feels a bit superficial to me. I think she’s a good actress though ^^ Although after the billionth time, her character’s voice cracking can become slightly irritating lol but I can’t blame her too much because she’s trying to make herself sound not herself.

.. None of the guys are very appealing to me, sorry to say. ;_; Apparently the Oscar M is a lot better looking than the original one, but all of the guys in this drama kind of.. don’t appeal to me. xD I can’t quite comment on the guys’ acting yet. Or actually I think they’re not bad at acting ^^ I didn’t sense anything awkward. It’s more of the way the drama is + the production that irks me more than their acting lol because they were just told to be that way.

I do, though, have to point out Sano’s face at the end of episode 1. LMAOOOOOOO HILAAAARIOUS. Rather than looking shocked, he looks.. DISGUSTED. HE LOOKS REALLY GROSSED OUT HAHAHA. He’s just like WHATDAFAAAAA and he looks really ghetto. xD Idek.


July 23, 2011. AKB48, Dramas.

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  1. Brittany replied:

    It’s pretty much a known fact that the cast isn’t really up to par on the scale of physical appearances compared to the original. But I have to admit that Tokuyama Hidenori (the 2011 Oscar) does look better than Kyo Nobuo. I’ll finish the drama though. It’s somewhat worth watcing.

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