110721 B1A4 & Block B Match Up – Ep 5

Awwwwww this was a truly great episode. Admittedly I did not care for Block B/was slightly biased against them before this show started airing because I’m really not into “bad boys.” They looked very tough and confident and had a lot of swag and I was just like, “Oh. Another rapping and dancing group.” But I came to learn that although they’re more on the wild side [especially compared to the angelic B1A4], they’re still sweet guys too. And they’re also very talented and I find it cute that they’re like, “We have to dance? We’re doomed… Block B is all about its sound, you know.”

But this episode really showed Block B’s soft and all-around good hearts.
P.O on that ride… poor poor bb.. xD <33
Jaehyo talking about his hardships and feeling so overflowingly happy because he was able to get a massage. ;_;
Taeil crying as he watched 4MEN perform ;w; <3 and then P.O, who is really the best dongsaeng, who knows his hyungs so well and always looks out for them. He says the nicest things about his hyungs and is always there to support them. ]:

The part with Mino was a killer…. >< ‘Cause there were two guys Mino and Hanhae who trained to be in Block B but didn’t debut with the rest of them, and now Mino has debuted with another group so Block B and Mino reunited at a music program. And all of them cried… It was especially surprising to see Zico cry so much. Haha and it was cute how Kyung was like, “Zico’s his dad. I’m the mom.” But watching all of them cry like that was heartbreaking. ;_; I teared up.

P.O–who I believe was best friends with Mino?–especially cried so much… And then P.O talking about how he felt like Mino could’ve done a much better job than him, etc etc. Oh my god, he is the sweetest thing. ]: And he acts so confident but he’s actually very modest and caring.

AND. ZICO CUTS HIS DREADS OFF AT THE END O_________O OMG. They had such sad music and he was all, “We went through so much together..” LOLOLOL but yeah, he looks soo good!

Block B – Credit: 7ONTHEBLOCK

will edit with B1A4!


July 20, 2011. B1A4, Block B, Reality Show.

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