After School Blue – “Wonder Boy” MV

Not to say that AS Blue is better than AS Red, but… good god, I am SO biased towards AS Blue. xDDD
Blue and white are absolutely my favorite colors. -points to blog layout- Although that’s more of a light teal than the baby blue that’s my favorite, but you get the idea. :D

Plus, cute concepts appeal to me more than sexy ones, and this is a really cute, sweet, pleasant, and uplifting song + MV. It’s nice to listen to. *__* Yay for happy songs ♥
[Oh and it helps that COUGH Lizzy COUGH is in this group <3]

Although I was a bit skeptical about the idea at first because I thought it was like unnecessarily causing a competition between the two units and thus tearing the fans apart, I now like the idea of splitting into two subgroups. :] In a group of 8, it’s hard to get much shine. You don’t get many lines, you don’t get much screentime, you don’t really get to show what you’ve got.

But I am SO happy for them because now they all finally shine!! I mean, Raina  already was pretty much the lead singer xD but Lizzy, Jooyeon, and E-Young were all members that were kind of pushed aside for the rest of the members…

Jooyeon was always kind of buried under everyone else even though she was an original member. She never got a chance to stand out and now she finally does!
And poor E-Young… She got this gigantic full-blown *~INTRODUCTION~* with the whole special stage at the year-end festivals and she got to rip that guitar and everyone was like, “WOAH.” Then she finally got to debut with the group and she got… one line? and practically no screentime?? I was really wondering whether or not she could sing because she never got a chance to show us, but now we finally know that she can!
And Lizzy is easily one of the best singers of the group, and yes she got some attention through variety shows and yes she’s acting in a sitcom, but I still feel like she should’ve been allowed to sing more.

LOOKING FORWARD TO WATCHING THEIR LIVE PERFS. :D AS Blue fighting!! [AS Red fightingg too! ^^]


July 19, 2011. A.S Blue, After School.

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