You’ve Fallen For Me / Heartstrings – Ep 5

Aw, this episode felt so short. ]:

But yeah, this episode had a lot of Lee Shin [Jung Yonghwa] getting hurt, although honestly I feel like he kind of deserves the rejection because he pushes too hard when she made it 100%  clear that she didn’t feel anything for him and wanted him to stop following her. My pity for him is kind of on-off. ^^;

I do have one complaint though—other than the fact that there was like no Minhyuk in this episode—which is about Park Shinhye’s singing. She has an adorable voice and I liked her song “Lovely Day” from You’re Beautiful enough to cover it, but I think she lacks a little bit in the emotion department. D: Her singing is very straight-out although there is some nice subtle vibrato in there at times. It gets a little plain?

Now there’s that scene where she sings with no feel, then she practices and wows everyone the next day. But.. x_X I felt like there wasn’t too much of a difference? Since her voice was supposed to be impactful in that scene, I just wish that they worked with her a bit more on sounding emotional. But hopefully as her character develops through this drama, she’ll show improvement in her singing as well. ^^


July 14, 2011. C.N. Blue, Dramas.

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