Miss Ripley – Ep 1-6







So I started watching this drama because I found out that it’s about a girl whose life is a web of lies and full of greedy ambition. Interest successfully captured LOL.

But yeah, as a drama, it’s true to its name—it’s dramatic. This is no romantic comedy. It’s intense and sad. xD Which is kind of.. not an appeal to me, but I find this so fascinating that I’m still watching.

Anyway, it stars Lee Da Hae (as Jang Miri) and DAMN, SHE IS AWESOME. Not only is she drop dead gorgeous, but she is one incredible actress! Like a chameleon, and a really talented one at that! In the drama, you’re always thinking, “WOW, MIRI IS SUCH A GOOD ACTOR” because she betrays and fools, like, EVERYONE, and then it’s like .. oh. Lee Da Hae is even better to be able to portray that…

But yeah, the drama’s a total love triangle. Two men fall in love with her—both directors of two hotels which are merging together. And Miri completely plays them both………

One of them is played by DBSK/JYJ’s Yoochun. *_____* He’s actually my least favorite member of the group but then I see him acting in Sungkyunkwan Scandal and in this, and I start finding him really charming. I really like his character’s modest and easygoing personality.
But as if having Yoochun as part of the cast wasn’t enough, there is like no competition.. ]: Super biased opinion but the other guy is too old for Miri, so sorry.

I can’t predict whether or not I’ll watch this drama to the very end [melodramas are not appealing to me ;_;] but it’s definitely really good and I’m enjoying [maybe enjoying is the wrong word xDD] watching it now!


July 13, 2011. Dong Bang Shin Ki, Dramas, JYJ.

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