【Gemini】 DBSK – Rising Sun

Third round entry in DUBattle Royale! :D
This time was “Random Draw” and we happened to pick out the themes of
-anger, and
-wide vocal range.
Thus we present you DBSK’s “Rising Sun” with a light mash-up of Super Junior’s “Don’t Don.” :]

Admittedly, anger is none of our fortes nor in our comfort zone. (_ _);; So we really had to ‘rise’ to the challenge! [That would be a pun, yes.]

Please support us [and other groups of course] by voting! ^^
Voting closes June 22nd!
[Just a reminder that everybody has to vote for 3 different groups ^^ Thanksss!]

Mimi – http://www.youtube.com/x3LoveyDovey
Ryan – http://www.youtube.com/RyanEatPho
Chiisana – http://www.youtube.com/ChiisanaChanx3
Jay – http://www.youtube.com/jExtremist
Eva – http://www.youtube.com/waterpixieva
Jeffrey – http://www.youtube.com/unaffection

Mixing: Mimi, Jay, Eva [w/ mastering help from Chii]
Video: Eva, Jeffrey
Harmonies: Chiisana, Ryan
“Gemini~” Signature: Mimi
[Fail] Violin: Eva
Translations: BoAJjang, ^cute_steph^

MP3: http://www.box.net/shared/gnrdpd6rqr3vxt27tftm
Scripted Lyrics: http://www.box.net/shared/p8vb8jhsid

We wanted to incorporate the Japanese and Chinese versions of the song but the translations didn’t match ]]]]: So we ended up only mixing up the languages at the bridge.
[Oh and I’d just like to add that Henry Lau is my ultimate bias so I am quite happy with his cameo in this video. -rolls away-]

And just for fun, Chii’s lovely interpretation of the song:
The sun is rising and it hurts his eyes so he’s like “Why dis happening to me D8” and nobody answers so he’s like “D8 somebody talk” and it’s like silent so he’s like “D8” and it’s about his long journey to find out why his eyes burn so much.


June 20, 2011. Contests, Covers, Dong Bang Shin Ki, Gemini.

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