Super Junior-M performing “Blue Tomorrow” and “Destiny”

110517 We Are Friends Concert in Taiwan

Makes me so happy to hear them singing live. ;__; Their “Perfection” performances are always lipsynced these days.


“Blue Tomorrow” [starts at 3:23] was so beautiful ♥ one of my favorite songs. I love their emotional ballads. “Destiny” [starts at 7:55] never really stood out to me. D;

Ahh I really love this group. Every single member has a really nice vibrato. *__*
Kyuhyun, Ryeowook, and Zhou Mi are a given. Zhou Mi’s vibrato on his high note at 7:21!! <3 [Ryeowook’s effortless falsetto at 7:28 homg]

I was kinda iffy at the fact that Sungmin and Eunhyuk each only got one line in “Blue Tomorrow,” but then they got more in “Destiny!” ^^ Eunhyuk may be the rapper, but he’s actually got a GORGEOUS vibrato that nobody knows about, and he can sing really well although his one line in “Blue Tomorrow” doesn’t show that. =__= Like at 9:42 and 10:16 <333
Sungmin at 8:43 ~

Siwon doesn’t show it that often but he’s got a really nice vibrato too. ^^ 6:10 and 10:44 for example. And then Donghae’s signature vibrato at 9:54.

Henry vibrato at 5:00~ <33 I’m quite happy that he got a lot of solos. :] Some pretty big parts in “Destiny.” He’s come a long way from having barely any parts!

LOLOL at 4:56, Siwon almost sang when it was Henry’s line.


June 9, 2011. Performance, Super Junior, Super Junior-M.

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