110516/17 – Super Junior-M on 100% Entertainment

Credit: ooST1NAoo3

Show Lo! ^__^ I like him. He’s pretty funny. And his knowledge in languages, wow! His random Korean and then his Japanese conversation with Sungmin LOL.

At 3:35 in part 1, SJM start performing “Perfection.” YEY. Unfortunately Donghae and Siwon are filming for their drama, so they rerecorded the song to perform without them! [Unfortunately, AGAIN they weren’t allowed to perform live.] Henry gets Siwon’s opening line! So proud! And then Ryeowook gets Donghae’s chorus line!

KYUHYUN. IS BOSS HERE. Every single time he opened his mouth, I CRACKED UPPPP. LEGIT LAUGHED LIKE A MANIAC. LAUGHED LIKE I WAS THE ONLY ONE ALIVE IN MY NEIGHBORHOOD. But then he sang his Amei ballad and that was…so gorgeous. It was so beautiful and touching that he actually cried. ♥

Ryeowook, Zhou Mi, and Sungmin also sang ballads and they’re all soooooo beautiful! Eunhyuk did a dance and Henry did his Baby / I’m Yours piano and violin routine. ;] The one from Strong Heart but it’s different! I was caught off guard ’cause I thought the arrangement would be the same.


May 23, 2011. Super Junior, Super Junior-M, Variety/Talk Shows.

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