Doki Doki Waku Waku – Chiisana

“So the story behind this quite silly and strange upload.. @w@

A month or two ago, I recorded a short “for fun” cover of this while I was still sick. (_ _);; I hadn’t planned on uploading it, but a month later I thought: “Oh well.. ;w; There’s no harm in uploading some for fun covers, right?” “

New video from my best friend. *____* SO AMAZING AND ADORABLE. She is seriously SO talented. I swear she can pull off sounding like anyone. >w> Her Honey voice is adorable. And the Haruhi part hahahaha.

And speaking of Ouran High School Host Club, I’ve been rewatching episodes of that nonstop lately. ♥ Sooooo hilarious.
Mostly I’ve been watching the English dub since I originally watched the original Japanese one. Vic Mignogna <3
I’m a tiny bit iffy about Caitlin Glass being Haruhi though. D; And Monica Rial as Renge kind painful. ;_;


May 7, 2011. Anime/Manga, Covers.

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