【Gemini & Kamishiyu】 Romeo and Cinderella


Our entry for the 2nd round of DUBattle Royale! The theme this time is Tag-Team Trials, and we were lucky enough to be paired with Kamishiyu, who I’ve really enjoyed working and chatting [dear lord, the amount of inside jokes we have ♥] with for this past month. ^^

Since the charms of both Kamishiyu and Gemini are that we’re co-ed, we decided to do a medley [starting at 2:38] of 5 guy-girl duets and even went through the process of a blending test+voting to decide who sounded good together. LOL. We be coo’ like that. [Like Rock-kun. And Jay’s flying unicorn.]

Please support us [and other groups of course] by voting! ^^
Voting closes May 9th, 2011!
[Just a reminder that everybody has to vote for 3 different groups ^^ Or else it doesn’t count, and you might get groups in trouble if you put them for all 3 slots. D; Thanksss!]

Miken – http://www.youtube.com/woaamiken
Shiaru – http://www.youtube.com/hurricanedra
Yuki – http://www.youtube.com/YukiNagato998
Kalen – too special for a youtube account

Ryan – http://www.youtube.com/RyanEatPho
Jay – http://www.youtube.com/jExtremist
Chiisana – http://www.youtube.com/ChiisanaChanx3
Jeffrey – http://www.youtube.com/unaffection
Eva – http://www.youtube.com/waterpixieva
Mimi – http://www.youtube.com/x3LoveyDovey

Mixing: Mimi, Eva [w/ mastering help from Chii]
Main Video: Shiaru
Medley Video: Eva
Graphics: Mimi, Eva, Chiisana
Writing: Kalen, Chiisana, Mimi
Harmonies/Vocalizations: Chiisana, Ryan, Mimi
Ending signatures: Shiaru, Eva

MP3: http://www.box.net/shared/8brzpxi2lj
Scripted Lyrics: http://www.box.net/shared/9c60l081yb
Picture of the Kamini Rock Family by the lovely Chii:http://www.box.net/shared/x7hxg3u1uq
Hatsune Miku – Romeo and Cinderella [music&lyrics by Doriko]
[JeffreyEva] Song Ji Eun ft. Bang Yong Guk – Going Crazy
[JayYuki] Kaito – Cantarella (Arranged)
[KalenMiken&ShiaruChiisana] Rapbit/Kagamine Rin – When They Cry x Meltdown -Roshin Mix-
[RyanMimi] BEAST – Soom (Breath)

Just a HUGE thanks to Mimi who was crazy enough with me to practically dedicate her life to this. I know I for one thought, spoke of, and breathed nothing but R&C this past month. [I had a dream I was making a video.] =w=b Thanks bb~ yoo da best~ :] You’ve worked hard.


May 1, 2011. Contests, Covers, Gemini, Nico Nico.

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