I’ve been wanting to watch this for forever and I missed it while it was in theatres.. ;w; and I came across this link of the full movie on tumblr, so……….

But anyway, it was a really good movie!

But the old woman SCARED ME SO EFFING MUCH it’s not even funny. I must be crazy because I screamed and yelped and said “OH MY GOD” out loud so much. ;_; I even had to use the “Small Player” option because I was terrified of her close-ups… I know it’s Disney and I know it’s a cartoon, but… ;_________; -scaredycat-

But yeah. I screamed a lot. Especially during the climax. I actually didn’t know that was the climax until AFTER because I closed my eyes and was just screaming. =w=b

But it was a good movie! :] It was cute. Rapunzel was awesome.

Mandy Moore <3
A bit disappointed she doesn’t have as nice of a vibrato as the rest of the princesses though. ]:


April 27, 2011. Disney, Movies.

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