Henry Lau’s tweet 110427

lol couldn’t decide on which one to upload haha why not all ofem? lol NEW T SHIRT! haha Miss you all!!!

He cracks me up LOL. Cute cute~ It was a good decision indeed. :D It seems he’s been liking selcas more and more lately!


And this, omg.

“Most valuable items to Super Junior-M members:
RYEOWOOK: Humidifier
DONGHAE: Handphone & Electronic dictionary
EUNHYUK: Handphone & Notebook
HENRY: Electronic piano & Violin
SIWON: Bible
ZHOU MI: Camera
KYUHYUN: Laptop”

Fits them so well…..
Ryeowook and his skin. Ambitious Donghae who’d probably always want to know more Chinese words. Eunhyuk..seems to have a lot of friends, so. [Shouldn’t it be shoelifts? LOL.]  Henry the true musician <3 Siwon the priest. Sungmin’s best friend, his guitar. Zhou Mi and his selcas.. and GameKyu.


April 27, 2011. Super Junior, Super Junior-M.

One Comment

  1. VicToria Wang replied:

    Henry Oppa is so cute~
    I miss him so much ♥!

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