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Now that f(x) is back, I have reason to start watching performances again. ;D OH AND A PINK HAS DEBUTED AND I LOVE THEM. <3

f(x) – Gangsta Boy

I’m really behind on stuff because I’ve been soooo busy lately and I haven’t been able to listen to f(x)’s album yet. LMAOOO THEY HAVE A SONG CALLED “GANGSTA BOY?!?!” That’s AWESOME! LOL. They are sooooo cute but have swag at the same time. *___* I especially love Sulli in this. And Krystal rocked it too.

f(x) – Pinocchio (Danger) [Comeback]

DAAAAAAMN. They have all improved so much! Well maybe not Luna so much because she was incredibly amazing from the start.. But wow, they are even better now! ♥ They are so perfect live.

Luna and Amber always rock their parts. I was really impressed by Sulli here! I’m so happy she doesn’t have to do those speaking’ish cutesy parts anymore, and gets to show more power here. [: Krystal is really impressive too! She has so much charisma. And Victoria has improved soooooo much! She finally gets more parts too!

They’re really pretty and are all great dancers.. *__* I wish they’d let Amber let her bangs down though.

Ah, I love f(x). Welcome back <3

A Pink – Wishlist

This is such a sweet song. ;w; Iloveit<3

A Pink – I Don’t Know [Debut]

Bahahaha the cameraman is Na Eun-biased. *___* She’s my favorite member. ♥ The first one to sing. Although judging from this, her singing doesn’t seem to be the strongest?
But anyway, I loooove A Pink. They’re pretty good singers! [Eunji–the one with bangs–is omg<3] And all really pretty too!

I wonder why Yukyung is wearing a different color from everyone else though. xD

Infinite – T.O.P [originally by Shinhwa]


April 23, 2011. A Pink, f(x), Infinite, Performance.

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