Morning Musume – Maji Desu Ka Suka [Music Japan]

Maji Desu Ka Suka performance starts @ 9:50.

D: I’m disappointed. Erina [blue], Kanon [orange], and Mizuki [green] all sound like they’re lip-syncing…….. I compared to the original mp3 and they sound the same. ;_; Although I was a little unsure about Erina at first. I don’t think they’re THAT good yet to sound like the mp3. Riho [yellow] is the only one of the 9th generation that is obviously singing live.

And they ended the performance after the first chorus. ;_; Disappointment.

Aichan has blossomed so much~ She’s grown a lot. And Risa.. is sounding more and more manly LOL. I love her though.

At 8:28 when the four new members introduce themselves and show off a talent…….

I “WTF”ed out loud at Kanon.

.______. I will never understand.


Oh and since I’m already on Maji Desu Ka Suka, I might as well plug the groupdub that I was in as Riho. LOL. -shifty eyes- I like it a lot though! I definitely didn’t expect it to be this amazing. I actually think I like this more than the original song.

Takahashi Ai -Tonkhai || ShikamaCHU
Niigaki Risa – Cheila || AlieOngaku
Michishige Sayumi – K || chibikonkon
Tanaka Reina – Zoey || XoZoeymonxx
Mitsui Aika – Lizz || Nucl3arW3ss3l
Fukumura Mizuki – Katie || seahorsegurl
Ikuta Erina – Nina || AnimeXLover28Kat
Sayashi Riho – Eva || waterpixieva
Suzuki Kanon – Arii || purehearto


April 10, 2011. Covers, Hello! Project, Morning Musume, Performance.

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