[Cover] T-ara Jiyeon – 점점 (More/Little by Little) Acoustic Vers – Jungle Fish 2 OST

Plugging ’cause I can~

Video description:

Uh. So I started this back when I was still waiting for ABMsubs/DiademSubs to come out with new subbed episodes. Which is back in January LOL SHHH. But hey, I did a lot of other stuff in-between and at least I finished it!

If you haven’t watched Jungle Fish 2, you really should watch it. :] It’s only 8 episodes and it’s a really good drama–dark, realistic, heartfelt, outlining the corruption and self-interest that cloud our world.
[AND you MUST watch for the Jiyeon x Lee Joon loveline ♥ ;w; I HAD to edit some of their scenes together into the MV.]

;__; I don’t expect anyone to watch this ’cause both the drama and the song are underrated.. [and the cover’s so anticlimactic that even I can’t get through it without getting bored] but I worked hard on this so it shall be uploaded. Plus, Jiyeon’s my girl crush, so. =w= She has an amazing voice whose emotion I can’t portray, and partly because my voice is a lot higher, sigh.

Translation: The Real CZ@Soompi


April 3, 2011. Covers, Dramas, MBLAQ, T-ara.

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