110402 We Got Married – Yonghwa ♥ Seohyun Ep 51 [FINAL]

I cried.

YongSeo will forever be my favorite We Got Married couple. When I first heard that they would be on the show together, I threw a huge tantrum because I thought it was so mismatched and it would never work out. Then they started out and it was so awkward that everybody thought they were the most boring couple ever. But it was because they didn’t start out as comfortable, open, and romantic with each other that we really got to watch them develop not only as a couple, but as people too. ;____; Like Seohyun who had never had interest in guys before. Yonghwa was probably the first male other than her father to make a place in her heart.

Because they contact each other outside of filming, I hope that they will continue on even though they have left the show. They call and text each other anyway, and Yonghwa did tell her to call him once in a while to nag him, to which Seohyun replied, “Okay, keep holding on to your phone.” And Seohyun is friends with Yonghwa’s mom. I have a feeling they will still remain close even after this. Ormaybethey’llannouncethey’redating[butthat’sunrealistic].

“Now I can’t lie down on the couch and look at her back anymore…”


April 2, 2011. C.N. Blue, Reality Show, SNSD.


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