Kimi ni Todoke (Reaching You) – Live Action Movie

I LOVE KIMI NI TODOKE. I loved the manga, then the anime was made and I loved that, and now I love this! Although I thought the live action would be reaaally bad. I was really skeptical about the entire idea when I first heard they were making one ’cause it seemed impossible to really portray it well. I didn’t think Sawako’s actress would be able to look scary yet be gentle and adorable…….. but to my pleasant surprise, they did this REAAALLY well. ^^b

You really must watch this. ]: And watch the anime. And read the manga. They’re all really good.
Kimi ni Todoke is basically about a kindhearted girl named Kuronuma Sawako,  yet she lives in a world of misunderstanding where everybody avoids her, thinking that she’s Sadako, the girl from The Ring, because of her appearance, the fact that she doesn’t smile a lot, and her social awkwardness.
But this all changes when she meets the  fresh, friendly, and popular Kazehaya who tries to befriend her, and you know how it goes~ It’s a love story~ ;D It’s an amazingly sweet and innocent story.

;__; I love Sawako so much. I can relate to her ’cause people used to tease me saying I was the girl from the Grudge. >__> So. Yep. I took to Kimi ni Todoke immediately. STORY OF MY LIFE!

Sawako’s actress did such an amazing job! I couldn’t believe it. She pulled off looking scary and she pulled off Sawako’s soft innocence and adorableness and awkwardness. Wow. I was impressed. :]
Kazehaya………. I thought he looked a bit too old for him. x_X He’s so obviously not a high school student, but he still did really well. I guess Kazehaya’s a hard one to pull off too. xD

I was pretty surprised at the actresses for Yoshida and Yano. They did pretty well! Yano was pretty suiting. I was impressed by Yoshida. ^^ She’s a hard one to pull off since she’s kinda got that “yankee” style. I kinda wish she was taller though. :/ And she doesn’t have the same feel as Yoshida, who’s more rough around the edges. She seems a bit too pretty and gentle, although that IS what Yoshida is, but I think that’s more of something you discover after you get to know her. xD But this Yoshida just looks too pretty and gentle to begin with.
I have a bit of a complaint towards the casting of Kurumi, Pin, and Ryu though. D: Pin just doesn’t really fit.. and I imagined Kurumi younger-looking and cuter. >w> Although they did Kurumi’s hair really well. And Ryu….. O_O is completely not how I imagined him.

Kind of disappointed they made a movie and not a drama though. ]: It moves too fast and they cut out a lot. We don’t really get to watch them all develop and there was no conclusion to the Yoshida/Ryu subplot. I was also disappointed they didn’t make more use of the symbolism with the soccerball and reaching each other. ]: “A pass won’t be received well by others… if you don’t seriously think for it to reach them.”


March 28, 2011. Anime/Manga, Movies.

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