110319 We Got Married – Yonghwa <3 Seohyun 49


THE NEXT EPISODE IS THE LAST EPISODE OF GOGUMA COUPLE. HOW COULD THIS BE. ABSOLUTELY DO NOT WANTTTT TT______________TT WATCH, I’M GOING TO CRY SO MUCH NEXT WEEK. I’m going to miss this couple so much. >< They were considered somewhat boring but I think they’re my favorite couple. We really watched them develop and become so much more comfortable with each other and they do so much for each other. I mean they don’t HAVE to think of each other all the time and do all those things for each other just for the show. Plus, I think Yonghwa is like the first guy to really get close to Seohyun, who had no interest in guys before. They naturally became more comfortable with skinship and revealing their feelings. They’re both such genuine people and they feel realistic and ;__; Aish. I’m going to miss them so much. They better keep in touch after this. >__> They probably will, since they already text each other and buy each other things when they travel. And Seohyun has become good friends with Yonghwa’s mother. 8D It’s the perfect set-up for a real marriage. >w>

But anyway, in this episode, they continue their date in Myungdong and go ice skating. Them holding hands and skating while Yonghwa was sincerely apologizing was really sweet. :/

AND. YONGHWA KNITS HER A SCARF. WHICH IS THE SWEETEST THING EVER. What guy would spend 3 weeks nonstop knitting a girl a scarf?! Especially when he’s busy filming a music video and working on an album and being a ~hallyu star~ in Japan? THIS IS WHAT I’M SAYING. It’s not just for show if they do so much for each other on their own time. D:
Seohyun: You don’t do it because you have time. I wasn’t free either!

Credit: SONEms Subs


March 20, 2011. C.N. Blue, Reality Show, SNSD.

One Comment

  1. jeff.ong replied:

    hey..btw do you know wat is the background song during 11:02 (for the third video u post??? that yonghwa give seohyun a scraf)

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