110318 Music Bank

Infinite – Shot + Nothing’s Over [Comeback]

INFINIIIIIIIITEEE!! :DDD  I LOVE Nothing’s Over. And they’re always such great performers. Eiyooo what a great performance. ^^ Although poor L’s voice cracked during the first line of the song.

Girl’s Day – Twinkle Twinkle [Comeback]

I love them and I love the song and I know they’re talented [Yura and Hyeri still have to prove themselves to me though x: although I love them] but I didn’t find the stage impressive. D: And there was a lot of backtrack..

Secret’s Ji Eun ft Bang Yong Guk – Going Crazy

POOR BABY. TT_____TT She’s sick and should not be on stage. You can tell she’s not in her best condition. Just wth? :/ Why not just cancel promotions for one week and then come back when she’s feeling better?

On another note, I love Bang Yong Guk. I didn’t know he wrote the rap lyrics :D


March 18, 2011. Bang Yong Guk, Girl's Day, Infinite, Performance, Secret.

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