Infinite – “Nothing’s Over” MV


The song is sooo good! I love the singing and the rapping and just everything! The MV is cute ^^ I like that they’re all so supportive of melancholic [LOL BUT HE ACTS THE OPPOSITE OF THIS IN REAL LIFE] Sungyeol. I guess making him the MV lead makes up for him not having a part in the song? x:

L. sounds. so. good.  I can’t even.  omg.
I already was a huge fan of him but now I’m just like…omg. He sounds so good. I thought I knew what his voice sounded like, but I GUESS I DIDN’T!! He sounds so different to me [I found that his voice completely did not fit his face+personality..] and I LOVE IT. I’m so happy for him that he got such a long and prevalent solo to begin the song with. [:
I love this guy. ;_; I actually like his naturally cold and.. strange personality. ;D

0:08 – 0:49 makes me REAAAAALLY curious though! I wonder if they were able to do that in one shot O___O
1) L and the camera walk down a pretty long way and there are no ways of escape… and yet suddenly the camera was able to just move through a path between the boxes?! I wonder if maybe that was just really pro editing that tricked me O_O .. OR they had someone quickly move the boxes away after they walked by there.
2) Sungkyu and Sungyeol on the “bed.” At first I was like ……. ok awkward…… but I guess it makes sense to show Sungyeol all ~distressed~ xD I like how Sungkyu’s shoe flew up.

3) This is the big one. D: Woohyun crashes through and breaks the wall of.. toilet paper? =w= If they could not one-shot this part and they messed up here or something, wouldn’t they have to rebuild the wall…….? That just sucks. xD It makes me curious.
POOR WOOHYUN WAS HIT BY ALL THE TOILET PAPER FALLING ON HIS HEAD OMG. [Um. And I actually don’t like when Woohyun has his hair up ;_;]

I wonder if they used all that toilet paper after filming with it. ‘Cause that’s a lot of toilet paper.

I mean like we already knew they were all dorks but I was REALLY surprised by Hoya! xD I never knew he was THAT dorky! [If you don’t know Infinite, he’s the one that started throwing the arm bands at Dongwoo and then randomly jumped off that ladder..]
And of course L is the most sane out of all of them. xD But his randomly starting to run was lol!

Oh they’re all so endearing. ;D


March 17, 2011. Infinite.

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