Park Jiyeon ♥

She is officially my girl crush. *_____*

I already was kinda biased towards her, but now I REAAALLY like her. :D

But seriously, how can anyone be this cute?!


This is one of my favorite scenes in Jungle Fish 2 [Joon & Jiyeon~~] and it was so emotional and ;_; <3 but I was really distracted because of how pretty Jiyeon looked…

And this hairstyle is actually my favorite of Jiyeon’s many many hairstyles. [:

Also, how can this girl be able to pull off so many different styles? I really think she’s the idol that’s able to best pull off a lot of different concepts. [f(x)’s Sulli is really good at it too. ^^]


She’s the idol that confuses me the most when it comes to pairings though. xD I approve of so many pairings with her. I like her with Yoo Seung Ho and I like her with Yoon Siyoon.
Because of Jungle Fish 2 where they had a love line, I reaaaaaally love her with MBLAQ’s Lee Joon.
x: But I discovered yesterday how Jiyeon and BEAST’s Junhyung were friends predebut and they’re really compatible together too.

But Jiyeon and Joon get to work together again for dubbing Gnomeo and Juliet..
And then just earlier I discovered these GIFs!!! O:

Apparently, they were on Oh! My School episode 13!!! OOOO: AS A PAIR. I MUST WATCH WHEN I COME ACROSS IT SUBBED. SHOO CUTE.


March 10, 2011. BEAST, MBLAQ, Pimp post, T-ara.


  1. Georgia replied:

    Agree! She’s amazing, its wrong for anyone not to have a girl crush on her!

  2. Jiyeon Dan Rani replied:


  3. Jiyeon replied:

    Jiyeon I love you 💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💝

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