Henry’s Baidu Message to Only-13 Supporters

I’m not sure who the translator is or when this is from, but I got this from stringslovehenry.tumblr.com.

I almost teared up. >o< Henry has been through a lot and I’m proud to be an international String.


Henry’s Baidu Message To Only-13 Supporters.

Dear all,

I really don’t understand. Aren’t people supposed to care and to protect what is their own? We speak the same language, eat the same food, have the same customs and yet we are not welcome in our own contry to perform. All we want to do is to express ourselves through performing and music, but how can we do this when there is so much hateDon’t you fund it funny how we can perform in every other country without any problems except for our home country?

I left my friends, family, and everything else back in Canada to pursue a dream all alone here in Asia. As a result, I have been hated by fans ever since I first debuted in Korea in 2006. What more do you want from me? How do you think I or we* both feel every time we go up on stage knowing people will be screaming for us to get off? I’ve tried to laugh it off for far too long now and can’t hold it in anymore. Just to let you know: we have feelings, too. I will continue to work my hardest to bring the best performances for you all, but today I’d just like to let you know a little about how I feel in the inside. I’m almost all out of breath.


Qin Xian** men..

Mi Tang*** men..

Xie Xie Ni Men^

Thank you so much. I hope you all understand what I’m feeling.

* Him and ZhouMi

** Strings

*** Honeys

^ Thank you


March 5, 2011. Super Junior, Super Junior-M.

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