110305 Music Core

Song Ji Eun (Secret) ft Bang Yong Guk – Going Crazy

I reaaally liked this performance. [: They were amazing and the set looked so nice with the piano and the lights and night scene.
The explosions at 1:31 will ALWAYS scare the shit out of me though. One of the first few times I watched the MV, I was using earphones and I SERIOUSLY THOUGHT THEY WERE REAL EXPLOSIONS FROM BEHIND ME.

Dalmatian – That Man Opposed

THE SET!! SOOOOO CUTE LOL. Their outfits are so .. vibrant and youthful today. And sometimes the editing makes the performance look like a comic book. I LIKE IT 8D SO CUTE.

Still loving the song like crazy. ^^ I’m actually pleasantly surprised they haven’t been performing Lover Cop. Since that one’s more intense, I thought they would’ve performed that one more than That Man Opposed [which I like better] but I guess not! I like this image better anyway. They seem friendly, down to earth, and interesting.

IU – The Story Only I Didn’t Know

Gorgeous~ I like the purple theme too. :3


March 5, 2011. Dalmatian, IU, Performance, Secret.

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